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    6 languages but a single message: your own.
    Our vision, like your own, transcends both borders and cultures. That is why we offer our services primarily in 6 languages so that you can effectively conduct business wherever opportunity will take you.

    Translation: Genuine. Eloquent. Precise.

    All of our translation work is done by qualified professionals, specialized in distinct fields. We will translate any type of document but consider ourselves especially competent in the following: legal translation, financial translation, commercial ad translation, and web site adaptation

    Communicate with flair. Localize your message
    No one single message can be understood by everyone and merely translating it into a foreign language can have unexpected results. We translate and adapt everything from advertising campaigns and focus groups to corporate slogans, and give them local attributes that will augment their significance and credibility in your public's eye. As well, we overdub movies and TV programs to and from Chinese and other languages.

    Do not compromise understanding.

    Our team of interpreters allow you to discuss freely and comfortably in any setting: at a business meeting, around a dining table, at a conference or at social gatherings.
    We also carry out simultaneous translations at conferences and trade shows. Competent, responsible and reliable, we are your best partner when language is a barrier.

    Cross-cultural communications consulting: Different place. Different game.

    Business means business around the world but the way it is done varies greatly from one culture to the next. And merely knowing your counterpart's language is often not enough to bridge the gap. Our consulting services give you the real pulse of a culture and the best ways to do business in it. You know the game, we give you the rules.

    Web site localization
    Reinforce your local presence with a locally registered domain name of your own. And a localized version of your international web site. Most international business are choosing or have chosen to do so. Why do they bother? Well, just think about the future. Think about the forthcoming e-commerce battle over Internet. Can you afford to lose? Check out today your chance of winning with our sense-making premier website localization service. Total Internet communication solutions. And start with a localized web version. Made by Executive Translators.

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