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    a. What are the Executive Translators price quotes?

    Executive Translators service is setting new standards of quality at a reasonable, internationally competitive price. Executive Translators price is quoted on a per-thousand-words basis and, depending on the nature of documents, it may vary from 40-70 dollars per thousand words. Our simultaneous interpretation service is charged from 60 to 80 dollars per hour and lower rates are quoted for other cases of interpretation.

    b. What's the average workload of Executive Translators?

    A single Executive Translators translator translates 2500 words per working day. And we work in teams to undertake large-scale translation projects, subject to regular quality control by a senior translator-coordinator. Working in such team spirit, we can translate up to 0.5 million words in the matter of a month. And meet both quality and service standards.

    c. How does Executive Translators guarantee its quality in translation?

    Executive Translators people do everything possible to make quality a built-in component in every piece of translation. First, Executive Translators employs only proven professionals; second, Executive Translators carefully carefully reviews translations. Third, we make extensive translation studies to summarize and disseminate our translation experiences among our in-house and contracted free-lance translators, through forum, newsletters, special training program, or other wise. Fourth, experts in relevant fields are invited to interact on a regular basis with our translation task force so as to ensure an accurate rendition of source text.

    Quality: Your expectation, our mission.

    d. How shall the payment be made?

    A 10 percent down payment shall be effected by our clients upon delivery of documents for translation. The remainder is payable one week upon receipt of our pro forma invo
    Our forum features written discussions over both translation and intercultural communication issues. The forum also works as the bulletin board for publishing part of our senior training program tutors comments or viewpoints on specific translation issue.

    Current topics for discussion are the following:

    1. Accuracy in Translation: Mission Impossible?

    2. How translators are to get trained?

    E-mail or fax us your opinions and get them posted here!

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