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    We advocate professionalism, constructive partnerships, the reciprocity of benefits and a sense of social responsibility. We believe that doing business goes far beyond the notion of making money. More importantly, it means people working in a strong partnership driven by excellence, promoting social well being through cooperation. Each completed transaction which brings us one step closer towards that goal, involves not only the exchange of goods or services, but also the exchange of ideas and values. Our philosophy leads us to observe the following five principles:

    a.Quality focus

    Quality is what our existence is based upon. We value accurate and articulate translations above everything else and that is why we follow stringent procedures when choosing qualified translators or when setting up special task forces. We are convinced that such careful selection is of uttermost importance since official translator and interpreter accreditation is still non-existent in China.

    b. Customer focus

    Executive Translators is committed to total customer satisfaction since it goes hand in hand with our quality focus approach. We offer a wide range of free services, such as document pick-up and delivery, consultation on translation and language learning, unlimited access to Executive Translator’s copyrighted glossaries and databases, and more. In addition, we are flexible enough to accommodate a project's specific requirements and final documents are delivered on time in various formats such as diskettes, CD-ROMS, slides or otherwise, according to the your needs. And don's feel surprised if our services go well beyond your expectations. We just want you to know that we are your reliable partner.

    c. Translator focus

    We strongly believe that a respected, duly trained and appropriately remunerated translator will invariably produce the best work for our clients. Thus, considering it in the best interest of our clients, in that of the business community and of the translation profession as a whole as well as in our own, we offer advanced training opportunities and a competitive remuneration package to our permanent staff members and our hired contributors. We wish to lead the translation industry by offering a 2 month-long advanced translators training program and by awarding a "Best Translator" recognition to the most appreciated translator based on customer evaluation. In order to promote exchanges and community awareness within the profession, we have sponsored the creation of a translators club. We also vow to finance promising young talents of translation to enable them to make further translation studies and gain actual cross-cultural communication experiences abroad.

    d. Fair pricing

    How one prices himself reflects how one assesses himself. We created this company to redefine the standards of translation and we consider ourselves as pioneers in this domain. We follow strict hiring procedures, employ highly competent staff and stress a focus on quality. Our service obviously costs a little more, but considering the importance of corporate communications and the quality of our service, we believe it is worth it. We are firmly opposed to slashing our quotes because we believe it inevitably affects the quality of the translation and constitutes a most damaging malpractice for the translation industry as whole. Our principle is: The right price for the right service.

    e. Integrity

    We adhere to professional codes of practice regarding confidentiality, ethics and professional integrity and we decline offering translation or interpretation service in cases where the client's commissioned documents or interpretation undertakings are deemed to contain offensive or abusive information, or are against the law or the social order of the People's Republic of China, or detrimental to the interests of Chinese or foreign individuals or legal persons. We reserve the to right to take further actions against the party at default.

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