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    Beijing Executive Translators Inc. assembles China’s top-notch translators and language professionals and is committed to deliver industry-leading translation and interpretation services related to law, banking and finance, general commerce, and more.

    Executive Translators, a premier translation service based in Beijing, is a reputed professional translation service offering top tier translation services to enable leading businesses and institutions to communicate globally, and effortlessly.

    At Executive Translators, we work towards your total satisfaction with a team of high-caliber translators, interpreters, proofreaders and experts from the fields of translation, law, finance, and business communication. They are our true capital.

    At Executive Translators, we capture corporate communications needs, fully, compellingly, and professionally. We offer quality-assured translation and interpretation services in 6 languages. Combining our vision with our knowledge of language, culture, law and technology, we work hard and act fast so as to make your business of communicating across cultures and languages a value-adding and rewarding experience.

    At Executive Translators, your expectations of excellence are better met. Not only because we are better trained, better prepared, but also because we are more eager to learn ,and more curious about the world . We translate, we interpret; and to the difference of many others, we do more than translating and interpreting. We go further: we do research on translating and interpretation. We turn our practice into theoretical assets to keep our lead in the translation industry. To ensure consistency of quality in our services, we attach great importance to internal and external translator training program.

    At Executive Translators, we are better connected to the world and we keep ourselves better updated on world affairs to make you better served. We read Time, Newsweek, Economist,Fortune, Asiaweek, China Daily, Le Point, it Corriere della Sera, Panorama; we watch CNN, TV5,RAI, DW; we have easy access to the National Library of Beijing. We subscribe to daily emailed news updates form Financial Time, The Economist, and more. Besides, we are assisted by numerous native speakers, who either work at our office on a part time basis or remote-control us with a mouse from the other end of the cable.

    At Executive Translators, we believe in a further integrated world economy and political framework; we believe in the further expansion, consolidation of investments by global businesses in China; we believe in marked improvement of China's economic presence worldwide along wiht her rejuvenation; we further believe that a globalized world economy and integrated sociopolitical governance require a deeper mutual understanding and constructive communication between peoples, businesses and governments. With our standard-setting services, we do our bit in furthering a world where people and businesses are mutually connected, understood like never before.

    Together, we make true, seamless communication happen. Around the clock. Around the globe.


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